Ephelides (Freckles)

FrecklesFreckles are very common and are usually a hereditary skin blemish. Though freckles are often thought of as attractive, some people do seek out treatment to reduce their appearance.

Ephelides (Freckles) are tanned macules found on the skin that can be classed as a form of hyperpigmentation. They are usually found in multiple numbers rather than stand alone blemishes. They often become more apparent in the summer months and are less noticeable throughout winter.. Although freckles are predominantly benign, they may be seen in association with systemic disease.

Ephelides are more commonly found in fair-skinned races with red or blonde hair and less commonly in individuals of other races.

We have a number of treatments and products that can visibly improve the look of freckles. We usually use either Cosmelan, Obagi or Danné Montague-King, depending on your skin and how severe your pigmentation is. Our clinicians will recommend the best treatment to combat your freckles. View our case studies to see the results we achieve.

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