Age Spots

Age SpotsSolar Lentigines, sometimes called age spots or liver spots, are a form of pigmentation. They usually occur as a result of damage to the skin from the sun’s rays. The small, dark spots are generally found on the hands and face, but any area exposed to the sun can be affected.

Exposure to the sun’s rays and a daily onslaught of environmental elements, such as air pollution and the toxins in our food, all wreak havoc on our skin. These aggressors damage cell walls and connective tissues, resulting in the visible signs of ageing we all see in our skin. Skin can look dull and lack lustre, pigmentation and age spots start to appear and wrinkles become more prevalent.

The way our skin responds to UVA and UVB damage is partly due to our genetic make up but is also greatly influenced by the way we have treated our skin over the years. Excessive sunbathing or sunbed use can have a dramatic effect on the way we age. Luckily, with the recent advances in aesthetic medicine, most types of sun damage are treatable, helping to greatly improve the visible signs of ageing.

We have a number of different treatments for sun-damaged skin. Each case of pigmentation is treated individually, so your different treatment options would be discussed during your consultation to ensure you get the best results.

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