Case Studies

Case Study 1

Pigmentation Before and After

This patient visited us in our clinic after suffering from Chloasma for 8 years. It initially started when she was pregnant with her first child and worsened after her second. In some cases, Chloasma may fade after babies are born, however, in this case the pigmentation worsened. We treated her with the Cosmelan treatment and these are the results after 3 months. It takes time and dedication to keep pigmentation under control, but as this photograph shows, it can be done.

Case Study 2

Pigmentation Before and After

This patient had some mild pigmentation caused by sunbed use in her late teens. As you can see in the photograph the pigmentation is very light, however, it was still a concern for our patient. We treated her with Obagi CRX homecare system. This is a 16-week rejuvenation system and the patient experienced no down time. After her treatment you can see her skin has a smoother texture and a more even tone.

Case Study 3

Pigmentation Before and After

This patient suffered from Melasma and wanted a treatment that she could do herself at home, so we prescribed the Obagi Nu Derm treatment, an 18-week rejuvenation system. As this is a prescriptive strength treatment, it can cause some redness and shedding. This photograph was taken 6 months after completing her 18-week course.

Case Study 4

Pigmentation Before and After

This patient was suffering from some discolouration over her cheeks and nose caused by sun damage. This type of pigmentation can be treated in a number of ways, but this particular patient wanted a one off treatment. We decided to go for the Dermamelan Depigmentation treatment. For this treatment, a thick brown mask is applied to the skin and left on for 8 hours, so the patient opted for our concierge service so she could have the treatment in the comfort and privacy of her own home.

Please remember, when treating pigmentation it is essential that you protect your skin from UVA radiation with a clinical sunscreen to ensure the pigmentation does not reoccur.